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See why 100,000 businesses call us when they need financing.
  • One call approvals within minutes, and money in your bank as fast as one day.

  • Flexible payments. If you have a slow month you don't have to worry, you just pay less.

  • Quickly receive up to 2 1/2 times your monthly credit card sales. 

Application is Easy

You fill out a short application, provide bueiness documentation, such as your Business ID and recent credit card processing statements. 

Funding is Fast

If your application is approved, 90% are, you'll receive the money as fast as one business day, to just a few days. With no spending restrictions.

Credit not Affected

Securing a merchant cash advance through Harbortouch Alaska will not negatively affect your business’ credit. Your future borrowing is not touched.

HarborTouch Alaska Benefits:

  • No Personal Guarantees Needed
  • No Collaterial Required
  • 90% Approval Rating
  • We Don't Charge Late Fees
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Approvals in Minutes
  • No Usage Restrictions
  • 1 on 1 Assistance
  • Funding in Days

Merchant Cash Advances vs Bank Loans:

The Bank Loan is more affordable yet very difficult to qualify for, whereas the Merchant Cash Advance is extremely easy to qualify for, yet more expensive.

BANK LOANS: These loans offer you funding through a lump sum that's paid off, plus interest, through a predetermined, scheduled monthly payment. Generally they offer large loan amounts, low APRs, and long repayment terms. These loans are some of the most difficult types of loans to qualify for. Typically, you'll need to be in business for at least two years, have a personal credit score of at least 620, and at least $100,000 in annual revenue. And they also require the following:

  •  Approvals take weeks.
  •  Upfront costs.
  •  Late fees.
  •  Average 20% approval rating.
  • Collaterial is required.
  • Personal AND business guarantees are required.
  •  Funding takes months.
  • There are usage restrictions.
  •  Application process is intensive.
  •  Loans reduce your ability to borrow more.
  •  Multiple communications are required.
  •  Payments remain the same, even when your sales are down.

MERCHANT CASH ADVANCES: These are not loans. Instead your business is advanced cash as a lump sum, in exchange for a percentage of your daily credit card and debit card sales, plus a fee, until funded amount has been repaid. This is financing based upon your future credit card receivables. It is paid back as a percentage of your daily credit/debit card sales. Your business's future revenue is your only required asset. A repayment percentage is automatically deducted before your credit card revenue reach your business's bank account. They offer the following:

  •  Approvals within minutes.
  •  No upfront costs.
  •  No late fees.
  • 90% approval rating.
  • No collaterial required.
  • No personal guarantees needed.
  • Funding within days.
  • No usage restrictions.
  • Application process is easy, short and fast.
  • Does not reduce your ability to borrow.
  • Usually only a few phone calls are required.
  • Payments reduce if your sales go down.

 REPAYMENT TERM: Instead of making one fixed payment every month over a set repayment period as required by loans, with a merchant cash advance your repayment percentage is automatically made for you. And, when your sales are high, and you can afford a higher payment, your payments will be higher. And, likewise when your sales are lower and repayment is more difficult, your payments are automatically reduced.

The average repayment time frame for a merchant cash advance is 8 or 9 months. But the term can be as short as 4 months and as long as 18 months, depending upon your business' sales volume, and the fixed percentage of your credit card sales you’re paying.

REPAYMENT COST: Merchant cash advance providers measure their fees as a factor rate instead of an interest rate. Factor rates typically range from 1.14 to 1.48. This factor rate is what you multiply your funded amount by to figure out the total you’ll owe. To figure out how much your Merchant Cash Advance will be, simply multiply your factor rate by how much money you'll be advanced.

FOR EXAMPLE: if you receive a Merchant Cash Advance of $10,000 and your factor rate is 1.25, your repayment amount would be $12,500 ($10,000 x 1.25 = $12,500.) For a total cost of $2,500.

REQUIREMENTS: For most businesses, you just need to have been in business for at least a year and make at least $5,000 a month in credit/debit card revenue. If you’ve been in business for longer than three years, we’ll offer you lower cost options. Businesses with as few as three months of card sales volume are able to apply. However, you may then only qualify for 50% of your monthly average credit card sales volume in funding. After you're paid off, you may qualify for more capital on better terms. You only need four things to get started:

  1.  Government-issued photo ID
  2.  Voided check from your business checking account
  3.  Last three statements from your business bank account
  4.  Last three credit card processing statements

It’s really that simple. Get started give us a call at (907) 227-3176. After that, upon approval, you’ll be able to access the funds in as little as one day.

This method of financing is great for Alaskan businesses with fluctuating or seasonal sales, as when businesses are in their slow time of year, unlike a term loan, Merchant Cash Advance funding payments automatically decrease to match your lower sales volume. We help Alaskan business owners get the money they need now. We offer unsecured funding based on your credit and debit card processing, not your credit rating. Call (907) 227-3176 today for a free quote and see how much you could get.

"If it wasn't for Harbortouch AK I wouldn't be where I am today. Now I'm on my second loan and I recomend them to anyone (except my competition)."


"If I had to do it all over again, the first thing I would do  is call Ben at Harbortouch Alaska, and not my bank!" 


"They were fast and professional," I am impressed, within 3 days I had the money! Their assistance saved my nightclub  ...


"Harbortouch Alaska has been helping our company stay alive and grow for over 10 years. Ben is considered part of our family."



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